Friday, June 14, 2013

ABC's "The View" reviews Scott Thorson (Liberace's love, who claims also a relationship with Michael Jackson) -- Oh, that means "interviews" him, maybe even waxes him

ABC’s “The View” today offered an interview with Liberace’s ex-lover Scott Thorson, who now claims now claims that he had an affair with Michael Jackson in the late 1970s.  He had been introduced to Jackson by Liberace, but not until he broke up with Liberace.
 The best ABC link appears to be this.

Thorson has since gone broke and had legal troubles, and had to be bailed out of jail. He is also needing treatment for colon cancer.  The movie and the book will get him out of financial straits, although that takes time. . The relationship was the subject of the HBO film (“Beyond the Candelabra”, reviewed on the movies blog May 27, 2013). 

Wikipedia explains the legal problems in a bio on him here. The incident seems to involve his using stolen credit cards.  

Thorson said he got hooked on drugs after the nose-job surgery.  The panel grilled Thorson about whether he took responsibility for himself (hence, I accidentally wrote that they "reviewed" him).  Their tone was refreshingly libertarian.

However, the interviewers also reminded the audience that in older times, relationships like Liberace-Thorson were kept quiet or given other names to keep them more socially "acceptable" and less distracting.  Liberace had plenty of business reasons to stay in the closet and not "tell", and let heterosexual women bask in fantasy.  It seems amazing now how easily the public was "deceived" -- because it wanted to be.  Even my own parents enjoyed Liberace, and I had an old 10-inch 33 rpm record of his playing. (Couldn't put my hands on it tonight, but it's probably around or packed up in a old moving box.) They didn't think very much about who he really was, and didn't know how to think about it.   
Thorson had been in the foster care system when he met Liberace.  His life obviously could have taken a very different course later. 


It pays to stay home from the bars sometimes.  You see more on television.  At least, on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel live tonight (June 14, 2013), some basketball player's chest hair wasn't safe, as he got waxed on camera (like in "The 40 Year Old Virgin") into a man-o-lantern, with the chakra area denuded permanently, perhaps.  This is worse than what happened to Ashton Kutcher for "The Killers" ("AplusK"  took down his own video on the event).

When you go to the discos, wear simple buttoned sports shirts, without undergarments, please.  Oh, when officers wear khakis, undershirts are unmilitary anyway.

Is this Jimmy Kimmel's idea of what it means to "do me" (or "do you")? 

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