Tuesday, June 25, 2013

AC360 on Zimmerman trial: "Self-Defense or Murder?"

Anderson Cooper ran a special AC360 “documentary” on the trial in Sanford, FL of the second degree murder trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012.  The special aired, titled "Self-Defense or Murder?" at 10 PM only, so it was not the usual repeat of the AC360 program at 8 PM. Anderson says that the special coverage of the trial will continue at 10 PM all week. 
The basic link for the special is here.

Jeffrey Toobin, Mark Geragos and Marcia Clark appeared on the program.

The basic consensus is that the prosecution may have a very hard time proving a sufficient degree of malice to sustain a murder conviction. 

Much controversy seems to center around “audio” evidence. Will the phone calls that Zimmerman had made to police days before be admissible?

The defense "knock-knock" metaphor still generates controversy.

Zimmerman has sued NBC for defamation.  Yet some announcers refer to Martin's being "murdered" when the idea that it is murder has not been proved. 
There was even controversy over what CPR effort was attempted for Martin.

There was extreme controversy in 2012 as Sanford police did not arrest Zimmerman until April, after national protests.
George Zimmerman appears in court with massive weight gain, into obesity.

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