Saturday, June 22, 2013

CNN AC360 previews "TWA Flight 800" with its own questions

Anderson Cooper AC360 ran a special on CNN Friday night “TWA Flight 800”, basic link here. This refers to explosion and crash of TWA Flight 800 off the Long Island coast July 17, 1996 (Wikipedia facts here).

CNN produces its own report on the claims of the documentary “TWA Flight 800” , produced by Kristina Borjesson and Tom Stalcup, from EPIX programming, to air July 17, with a descriptive link here
CNN reviews the basic facts, that the plane seemed to break apart , the forward part seeming to fly at first, which must have been unbelievably terrifying for passengers. 
Investigators eventually decided that the plane exploded due to a fire caused by an electrical short.
But skeptics believe that the US government is trying to cover up a possible “friendly fire” accident from the Navy.
The CNN documentary suggests that the (pre-9/11) Clinton administration then was much more concerned with terrorism than we generally recognize here, since the 1993 World Trade Center incident had happened.
The incident seemed like another event over Scotland in 1988, caused by Libyan terrorists. Clinton was ready to go to war, and had a list of the "usual suspects" (from "Casalanca"), starting with Iran.  There was a vengeful attitude that we hear today, "you destroy our families, we'll destroy yours". 

I recall on the car radio at the time, listening to Joe Brown’s talk show, that a caller reported seeing a missile hit the plane. 
The CNN report, however, leaves open the idea that this was a real “accident”. There's a reference to an aircraft explosion in the Philippines in 1990.  

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