Sunday, June 23, 2013

CNN: Morgan Spurlock is "Inside Man", looking at medical "reefer madness"

On Sunday, June 23, 2013, Morgan Spurlock premiered his documentary “original” series “Inside Man” on CNN, with an examination of medical “Marijuana”.
One of the biggest controversies concerns the way the federal government treats medical marijuana growing businesses in states that have legalized it.   Before election, President Obama had promised that growers who complied with state laws would not be pursued.  But industrial companies have been, and only one would speak on camera.

One female patient said that the pharmaceutical companies lobby the administration to prosecute growers even in states that have legalized it in order not to have competition for cancer chemotherapy drugs in their market. 
Toward the end, Spurlock covers a hearing in federal court to see whether  (non-profit but “industrial”) distribution center HarborSide (website link) in Oakland can stay open  The judge lets it stay open. A trial will follow. Harborside could be subject to civil asset forfeiture as well as prosecution.  The City of Oakland has actually sued the federal government to stop prosecution. 
A basic link by CNN (“5 things to know about medical marijuana” is here

The early part of the episode explains the history of the legal status of “reefer madness”, which wasn’t  illegal until 1937, when the government needed a new evil after Prohibition was repealed.
Nixon upped the war on pot, thinking it led to rebellion and weakness in a population that had to defend itself.  (But, despite his war with the anti-Vietnam protestors, he did end the draft.)

Spurlock goes through the state license process to grow  pot himself.  California licenses growing of pot for personal medical purposes only.  (His permit lets him grow 24 plants.) Then he gets himself “hired” by Harbor Side.  The business classifies different kinds of cannabis. 

Spurlock notes that for most people, tobacco and alcohol, both legal, are probably medically more dangerous than cannabis. He also compares the clientelle to that of a liquor store. 

What happens if a marijuana plant grows wild on your property and you don’t notice it.  A lot of things grow wild in the yard.  Birds plant them, rectally.  Probably some of them are toxic and mild-altering or illegal.  I don’t care.  I have no interest in using them.  They are part of nature.

In the 1972 presidential campaign, ultra leftist George McGovern actually spoke out against legalization of marijuana on the car radio one night.
A friend in Dallas who lost a testicle to cancer and then was treated with chemotherapy (Bleomycin and cic Platinum) said that he prevented almost all nausea and vomiting from the chemo with illegal marijuana from a local “dealer”. 

Why is marijuana so much more effective against nausea than any legally prescribed medication?  

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