Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CNN Piers Morgan has Town Hall on Snowden leak; interviews heroine from Santa Monica event

While I don’t intend this blog to be a pitch just for CNN, it seems that Turner is on a winning streak with me.  Maybe I do belong in Braves County.  On Monday night, Piers Morgan Live held a Town Hall to discuss the Edward Snowden “leak”  (it’s not exactly Wikileaks II but it might as well be). 
James Woolsey appeared and said that he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and perhaps spend life in prison (not in the same cell as Bradley Manning – who will be in an Army stockade anyway).  CNN legal expert Jeffrey Toobin said that, while the urge to disclose what seems like a dangerous potential government overreach sounds compelling, Snowden simply chose the wrong way to do it.  You simply let people decide to disclose classified material on their own volition on whim.
The best link for the broadcast seems to be here
Ron Paul appeared, and said that “telling the truth is a heroic effort.”

On Thursday, NY Congressman Peter King (R) suggested that reporters or publishers who disclose documents they know to be classified and extremely critical, be subject to severe penalties, too.  What about  bloggers?   What if something big were leaked to me, and it was possible to verify it was for real? 

Morgan also spoke with Debra Fine, grazed four times in the Santa Monica rampage.  I won’t get in to what kind of heroic actions one should take if stumbling on to an event like this.  If I saw if from a distance, of course I would call 911, but I wouldn’t be able to interfere physically.  I don’t think that individuals’ being armed or "brave" can stop someone like this.  I know people who live not far from there (and was in the area on a 2012 trip), so this was particularly scary. 

Again, we seem to have very incomplete information on what makes people like Holmes, Lanza and now this gunman tick.  We need an actual public trial on Holmes, I think, to get into what this is all about.     

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