Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Did Food Channel's Paula Deen simply fall behind changing times?

Opinions vary on the deserved outcome of the career of Food Channel cooking guru Paula Deen.
Her two sons have vigorously defended her, saying her comments were taken out of context and that she group up in a different time and culture.  Of hand, the 2007 suggestion of a party with African –American waiters should have seemed insulting even then.  I remember back in 1995 when I went to a Capitol reception, and as the price of being welcome there, I was asked for the expected subservience. “Would you like to serve food?”
The New York Post has an opinion mentioning Deen’s “diabetes” inducing recipes, and her ties to the pharmaceutical industry, by Linda Stasi, here.  
Deen’s troubles had been exacerbated when she admitted to using the “N” word years ago in a deposition related to a racial discrimination lawsuit.  But that was a sin from the distant past.
 David Bauder has an AP story about the NBC Today interview on NBC News here
She had originally been scheduled to appear on “Today” on June 21 but cancelled at the last moment, link

Despite her “firing” by the Food Network and other corporate sponsors (Smithfield, Wal-Mart), her web page at the Food Network is still active, link here

This one is a tough call.  Did her tune change just because she was force into apology?

June 28:

Later information reports a publisher has withdrawn her best selling cook book.  And she's getting lawsuits from former employees.  Don't know how much real merit there is to them.  I've seen less than credible discrimination claims in my own career.

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