Friday, June 21, 2013

Katie Couric: How people struggle with infertility; and some more controversy

Katie Couric continues to cover hot topics on her 4 PM (in the DC are) show.  I think they’re of more general interest than those on Anderson Cooper’s show that airs an hour before.
On Tuesday, June 18, she covered the lengths some people go to in order to have children.  One woman was carrying her daughter’s baby, being both a mother and grandmother.  A guest named Tom Arnold told of his learning of his infertility at a young age and struggling 23 years to become a father.  The link with videos is here.

It strikes me that the cultural divide on the importance of having children is growing again, as the population ages and there are fewer people to support the elderly (although in the United States, immigration saves us for the time being, maybe).  This has been called the “demographic winter” debate.
Today, Katie will interview Lorena Bobbitt, who took it out on abusive husband with a knife, and threw the amputated body part out into traffic in northern Virginia in 1993.  It made the headlines of the Washington Times (but not the Post) the day after it happened.  It got talked about in the workplace.   It was a bigger deal in the news with some people than was the debate on gays in the military. The catch line is, “There’s nothing to joke about domestic violence”. 
Next Tuesday, June 25, Katie will present pre-nups, in connection with “revenge porn” on the Internet.  An odd couplet.  

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