Thursday, June 13, 2013

Katie Couric interviews cast of "Man of Steel"

Today Katie Couric interviewed several cast members from Zack Snyder’s film “Man of Steel” – the latest about Superman. 
Henry Cowell stands out among those who have played Clark Kent as the first with a conspicuously hairy chest.  He says he was fat as a kid, but bulked up for the movie.  He also says he was raised on the Jersey Islands, an unusual background. 
Amy Adams, as Lois Lane, said that Henry plays this much more dramatically than has anyone before.  Not sure how that would compare with Tom Welling in the CSTV-WB series “Smallville”., which ran ten seasons.  
Laurence Fishburne plays troubled journalist Perry White; Russell Crowe is dad Jor-El, and Michale Shannon in General Zod.

I had to watch the interviews online, here. The local stations pre-empted the show with reports on the tornadoes threatening the Washington and Baltimore areas today, including shots of the Chesapeake Bay waterspouts.  The media hype on storms on the East Coast is extreme.  This was nothing like Oklahoma.

Today, on ABC’s “The View”, parents from Newtown were interviewed.  

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