Sunday, June 30, 2013

Morgan Spurlock's "Inside Man" reports on "Gun Ownership"

On “Inside Man” Sunday night,  in episode #2, called “Gun Ownership”, Morgan Spurlock goes to work for SSG Tactical  Fredericksburg, VA (halfway between Richmond and Washington).  Morgan reports that gun purchases increased after Barack Obama was elected, and then again after the tragedy in Newtown because of fears of regulation.
The best present basic link is here.  (CNN has had some incorrect URL’s on individual episodes.)
The gun shops report that after Newtown, people who had never owned guns came in thinking they needed to own them.

Later he reports on Mayors Against Gun Violence.

He then visits the “Nation’s Gun Show” in Richmond.  Then he visits the Baltimore police department, with a familiar shot of Penn Station in Baltimore, on Charles Street, near the Charles Street cinemas and also the “gay bar” district nearby.

Spurlock tests the theory that limiting high capacity magazines would be an effective step in preventing rampage shootings, by giving defenders more time as firers have to reload. 

Spurlock also reports on the Senate filibuster on legislation increasing background checks back in April 2013.  He "blames" the misinformation from the NRA's lobbyists.  The terminology "universal registraiton" confused the public (it was actually outlawed in the text). 

The public is behind universal background checks, and Spurlock says that few if any Americans would need assault weapons for legitimate home security. 


I think that in practice, a lot of people are better off with no weapon.   Have a cell phone by yourself.  But there is a possibility that a gun could save your life.  Once, I thought I saw somebody pull a weapon as I was about to get out of my car at a service plaza on the Ohio Turnpike.  I sped off, and called police at the next interchange.  Mark Zuckerberg reports that he simply drove away from a gas station robbery attempt one time after he had move to California at age 20.    But maybe we were both lucky. 

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