Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On Days, Will stands up to Sonny's intrusive mother; Gandolfini's sudden death

Well, brownie points for a scene in “Days of our Lives” today.
Will Horton is about to get out of the hospital, and his baby is in a crib in his hospital room.  Sonny’s mother (Adrienne) has the gall to come in and ask Will to break up with Sonny, because Will’s family (especially his mother Sami) will put her little baby Sonny in jeopardy. Adrienne also doesn't want her husband to defend a "cop killer", never mind that the cop moonlights as a hit man. 
Sonny, remember, delivered Gabi’s baby in the woods, after escaping with her, while Will then got shot trying to rescue Nick from an escaped prisoner in an isolated "cabin in the woods". 

Will stands up to Adrienne, even when she says he is as selfish as Sami.  He remains calm during the confrontation, almost as if it didn’t happen, with the baby in the room.
In the mean time, Sonny receives a video from Chad (business partner) that seems to incriminate Sami for shooting a man that Stefano hired to kill Rafe in the hospital room. 

In fact, the man is the same as the one Sami tried to hire herself to wipe out the evidence that could implicate Will for shooting EJ a few years back.  
It you want to study character, compare either Will or Sonny to JJ.

By the way, the scenes where Kristen has priest Eric drugged so she can have him are ridiculous.  In the steamy scenes today (Friday June 21), just notice his (not her) legs.   Some of the writers are surely heterosexual.

Piers Morgan dedicated his interview program on CNN to the sudden death of James Gamdolfini, 51, who is said to have raised the level of television acting in the series "The Sopranos", which I have never watched.  People talk about "binge viewing of episodes.

Gandolfini is said to have made us "love a monster".

Update: Aug. 30, 2013

Will and Sonny are at odds with Gabi and Nick; details later.  But something else: anyone notice the subtle changes in Sonny's (Freddie Smith) "appearance".  It looks like Will didn't let him "keep it".  We don't get to see the most intimate scenes any more. 

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