Sunday, June 16, 2013

"With Parents Like These" on ABC 20-20

On Friday night, June 14, ABC 20-20 did a report “With Parents Like These”, with several examples of “bad” (to pronounce the word the way my Army buddies did back in 1969) parents.
Or maybe not so bad.  The most disturbing story concerned a couple in Maine who allowed their teenager to have a party.  They thought they were providing supervision for teens who would otherwise be out wilding.  But more people heard about the party. “Old School”, and uninvited guests came with booze,  Soon some neighbors called, and police came.


Although the parents did not serve any alcohol, some “C2H5OH” was consumed by minors on their property, and they wound up with six months on jail, later reduced to a fine and community service. The female prosecutor was very determined that the parents had to monitor what was happening on their home turf. 

There were other questionable parents, such as the mom who leaves her 10 year old because she wants her own life, and the parents sued by their teens.

Being a parent is inherently risky.  It’s possible to be set up with false charges for child abuse, as in the 2001 film “Just Ask My Children”  (Arvin Brown), in which Gregory Smith appears at the end as 1 6 year old, and reflects on how prosecutors cajoled him at age 7 into testifying against his parents. 

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