Tuesday, July 16, 2013

AC360 interviews juror on Zimmerman trial

CNN New Day interviewed Anderson Cooper Tuesday morning about his interview with Juror B37 from the George Zimmerman trial, and also the family of Mr. Martin.

About 20 minutes of the interview is yet to be played.

The juror said that she had started out not-guilty, but one started out with guilty of 2nd degree murder, and two for voluntary manslaughter.

She said Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his car, but yet she was troubled that the 911 operator had asked what building Trayvon was near, and Zimmerman might have felt that he needed to pursue after all.

She also said that the evidence suggested that it was Martin's voice in the final scuffle. She felt for Zimmerman's heart.

The report suggests that Zimmerman was quite concerned about previous crime in the gated community, although the facts about that matter are not clear in the media.  Normally, that would not happen much in this kind of residential area, with security.  That is a big question.  There seems to a suggestion that Zimmerman baited Trayvon, who might have become angry when he really didn't anything to happen.  It's a case of no one backing down.  Even so, apparently in Florida Zimmerman had a right to use his weapon if he feared for his life at the last moment.  It's unclear if Trayvon might have gone for the weapon,

I am quite troubled by these ideas that Zimmerman must stay our of sight and keep a low profile and give into bullying.

The facts in this whole tragic case are deeply troubling, and still obscure.  But the facts may not justify the emotional outcry that has obscured.

A civil suit, against Zimemrman as an individual, may occur, and federal civil rights law prosecution is possible;  but it's hard to see that the actual facts justify it.

Look at the hard evidence.  The facts are what matter, not emotion.  It must be that way under rule of law.

The Florida prosecutor said the evidence for at least manslaughter was there, because you can't entice someone to engage you and shoot him if "he punches you in the nose".  But the "stand your ground" law seems to say that you can.

But Florida needs to look at its self-defense laws again.  And also on how neighborhood volunteers should behave/  Should they even be armed?  Interesting question.  Unpaid posse's are not a good idea generally. Certainly not if armed.

Here's the complete CNN story on Anderson's interview, with a video/

In my own experience, I have "retreated" a couple of times, once at a service plaza on the Ohio Turnpike, where I simply drove quickly away (and calling state police at the toll plaza), remembering that an unarmed Mark Zuckerberg at age 20 had done that once right after moving to CA and was approached at a gas station.  I can say I did the right thing, but the NRA would say I (or Mark for that matter) was lucky.

Note: The post title url reads "370", not 360, because of initial typo (which the system saves as the URL).  Remember the IBM 360 and IBM 370 in the 1970?  In the back of my mind subliminally given the career I retired from!

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