Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Catfish" expert Nev Schulman appears on Jay Leno; a "touch-off" with Dane Cook

On Tuesday night, “Catflish” researcher Nev Schulman, now 28,  appeared as a guest on Jay Leno's Tonight Show (link) , walking in an air cast because of a minor accident.

Dane Cook was already on stage.  Let’s say that they “scoped” one another, by hand, as Jay watched.

His own little autobiography on YouTube suggests a youth that is more troubled than his present personality would suggests.  He discussed his Catflish series on MTV, now Tuesday.  In that series, he tends to show great interpersonal skills in working with people fooled or bedeviled in online relationships, especially when they meet in person.  
It’s rather interesting that this one issue (fake Internet identities leading to web relationships) can provide a young adult person with an ample income in television and motion picture production, guest appearances, and reporting. 

Matt Nathanson also appeared earlier on the Leno episode. 

Regarding "Catflish", see movie reviews, Sept. 24, 2010, and TV reviews here Jan. 29, 2013 for review of the MTV series. 

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