Saturday, July 13, 2013

CNN airs Zimmerman trial all day Saturday: Not Guilty verdict announced at 10 PM EDT

CNN has been covering the jury deliberations all day on the George Zimmerman trial.  At around 10 PM Saturday night, CNN broadcast the “Not Guilty” verdict live.
Only one verdict was read.  The jury was not polled separately on second degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.
The jury has asked the judge detailed questions about manslaughter and then continued deliberating during dinner.  CNN reported that such a development hinted that a verdict was near.
Angela Corey spoke afterward as to why she prosecuted for second degree murder.  She said that the fact that the screams stopped immediately after the shot was fired was a major factor.  She also said that the did not believe that Zimmerman’s injuries showed great bodily harm. Corey says that Martin was profiled.
CNN has a developing story about the acquittal here.
CNN's interviews with Ben Crump made Crump seem a little silly, with his condescending langauge, Orlando story here.

I always wondered how relevant it was that Zimmerman pursued Martin after he had been advised not to do so by 911 phone support.  If he acted improperly in a way that led to a confrontation (whether or not motivated by profiling), a manslaughter result could have been appropriate.  It’s not clear who was engaging in self-defense. 

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