Thursday, July 11, 2013

Stephen King's "Under the Dome" (CBS) gets off to an intriguing start

CBS has started the anticipated series based on Stephen King’s mammoth novel. “Under the Dome”.  The premise is that a transparent dome suddenly covers the town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, cutting off the citizens from the rest of the world and letting them settle their squabbles on their own, while others (maybe including aliens) watch.  The Pilot aired June 24.
King always populates his novels with diverse, skilled but troubled characters, and this is no exception, as the pilot opens with a man doing something in the woods.  We see a couple of young couples and people and troubled families, and soon a female reporter visits an elderly woman who wants to give her a news tip about propane tanks being filled nearby.

The scene where the Dome appears is quite well done.  Some characters are outside, and some bizarre wind gusts come up, despite the cloudless skies.  Animals behave oddly and some fall out of the sky. Suddenly, a cow is bisected laterally, as the invisible barrier slams down. Soon, there is a small plane crash, and various auto accidents.

Early, there is a "foreshadowing" of the Dome, with a transparent plastic hemisphere covering a pie in a restaurant.
It’s always interesting to wonder how a town, and authorities, will deal with a happening that simply cannot be explained by anything we understand.

The previous episodes can be watched free right now on Amazon, without commercials.  They run about 43 minutes.

The CBS site for the series is here.

Reports indicate that the show has started out pretty well in the Nielsen ratings, story.  

This one may generate a narrative hook. The series is actually filmed in North Carolina.

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