Tuesday, August 06, 2013

AC360 interviews Brian Manning, Bradey's father

Anderson Cooper interviewed Brian Manning, father of Bradley Manning, on his AC360 news show in CNN Tuesday night, with details here.

The elder Manning said that he believed that disclosing classified material is wrong, and that he has worked in this area himself.  But he thinks that Bradley Manning was set up because he did not get along well with some others in his unit. 

He said that based on his experience with computer systems, he didn’t think it was possible to upload that much material (700,000 documents) without others noticing.  I would think that shouldn’t be too hard at all.

He did not mention his son’s sexual orientation or gender issues.
He did add up the possible sentence, which could be up to 90 years.   This is the case even though Bradley Manning was acquitted of aiding the enemy.
Cooper also covered the beginning of the trial of Maj. Nidal Hasan at Fort Hood, TX.  Hisan is acting as his own attorney, which allows him to question prosecution witnesses and go on his vindictive “jihadist” rant with victims, which seems to be what he wants.  AC360 covered the fact that he still draws his full military salary.  Furthermore, the victims are views in terms of workplace violence, which gives them less assistance than if their losses occurred in combat.  There are political reasons (as related to Guantanamo) why the Army and DOD don’t want to regard this crime as a terrorist act (whereas the Boston Marathon incident is regarded that way).

Hasan, as a military psychaitrist, apparently told soldiers as patients to turn themselves in as "war criminals" for fighting against Islam!

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