Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CNN: "Amanda Knox" in its "Crimes of the Century" series; have we seen enough of this case?

It’s late summer. Television is plagued by repeats and the few original shows seem like stale reality experiments.  That may change next week as we remember the 50th anniversary of the 1963 March on Washington.  But in the meantime, CNN seems to stand alone with some interesting new programming.
CNN has already covered Amana Know enough (“Foxy Knoxy”) but Sunday night its “Crimes of the Century” series continued with “Amanda Knox”, who was convicted for the murder of roommate Mededith Kercher in Perugia, Italy in early November 2007.

The film makes the point that in the US, only Rudy Guede would have been prosecuted, according to reputable DNA evidence, and other indications that this was a robbery gone wrong.  The prosecution was driven by a self-energizing process, where the tabloids made a lot of Knox’s less than humble public behavior, and a politically motivated prosecutor, who appealed to sensationalist theories about Satanism (o All Saints Day) and sexual temptations. 

The link for the episode is here.

What’s worse is that the Italian public rejoiced in her conviction.  Her publicly surly attitude had made her seem like an enemy to average people, and vulnerable to vengeful setup.  Is this a lesson for other Americans when they travel, even in stable western countries? 

European justice systems do not have as many protections for the defendant as do American systems. 

On practice, the “presumption of innocence” seems stronger in the US, although it is not explicitly stated in the US constitution (Wiki link). 

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