Monday, August 19, 2013

Morgan Spurlock works as a ranch-hand in "Nebraska Drought" on Inside Man

Morgan Spurlock’s latest “Inside Man” episode Sunday night (Aug. 18), “Nebraska Drought”, link here,  let us see Morgan become employed as a ranchhand in western Nebraska.  Spurlock, as a journalist, likes to prove he can do “real jobs”. 

Spurlock says the area looks like Mars.  The area is not perfectly flat, as there appears to be a range of hills in the distance, perhaps near Scottsbluff (which I visited in August 1994, about the time of my own personal “epiphany”. )  

The drought was causing the family to have to see much of its herd.  In one amusing sequence, Spurlock has to insert his forearm (protected by seran wrap) into the uterus of a cow to see far along her pregnancy was.  He could feel the head of the calf.

“The young steers go to market.  We split the babies from their mommies.”
The Midwest has to deal with a cycle of droughts and floods.  The southern part of the Mississippi valley has torrential rain right now (and frequent big tornadoes).   In 1993, much of the upper Midwest was flooded by incessant storms, but probably farther east than where Spurlock shot this episode. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Chadronn State Park. 

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