Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ABC's "The Lookout" for consumers, doesn't want to become another news show

ABC’s The Lookout, with Bill Weir and Cynthia McFadden, has been providing some interesting consumer reporting, mostly on Wednesday nights.  Curiously, ABC doesn’t seem to have a regular site for it, and the episodes seem to be untitled.  I believe it belongs to the Nightline show. The best description of the most recent episode seems to be on MSN, here

On September 4, the broadcast started as Brian Ross reported on Rory Michael Alarcon( RMA) and the problems consumers found with his “mortgage rescue” business.  Apparently consumers were told they shouldn’t even continue to make regular payments to the bank.

Next the show covered fake rental listings, where phantom landlords took multiple deposits on the same vacation property from multiple consumers, who never got the keys to the rental property.
Then the reported covered outrageous fees at ATM’s in Las Vegas on the strip.  The reporters also covered snatch pickpocketing at casinos, which can easily take a guest’s room keys and money, unless the guest keeps hand in pockets.
Next, the team compared the cost of car rentals at airports, with the cost of getting transportation to town to get the same cars at non-airport outlets, which were nearly always cheap enough to justify the cost of extra transportation.
Finally, the team covered “mattress wars”.  Rich people pay up to $200000 for mattresses.  Mine has creaky springs now.  The team said the typical mattress lasts only about ten years. 

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