Tuesday, July 22, 2014

PBS Frontline: "Poor Kids" in the Quad Cities (Iowa, Illinois)

Tuesday night, July 22, 2014, PBS re-aired a Frontline segment “Poor Kids”, about the lives of several families (one African-American, the other white) in the Quad Cities in Iowa and Illinois.  Mostly, they move from one motel to another after being evicted because their parents (in one case a single mom) can’t pay the rent.  They go to food pantries.  They move from school to school.  In motel rooms they have to share the same bed.  A father, sitting at a compute,  is shown trying to explain to his son why he just never finds work.
The link for the episode is here.  Numerous excerpts are online.

Another good question would be, what happens to the families in this part of the country after frequent destructive storms. 

The segment had first aired in Nov. 2012.  
Wikipedia attribution link for flooding of Davenport in 2008   I pass through the area various times as a boy with parents, but was last there in November 1998.  

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