Saturday, December 27, 2014

NBC airs "Tribute to our Troops" from Fort Benning, GA (by WWE free-style wrestling)

NBC tonight broadcast a WWE “freestyle wrestling” Tribute to our Troops, live from a huge arena in Fort Benning, GA (in Columbus, GA, on the Alabama border).  The event was heavily attended by men and women in fatigues from all services, but mostly the Army.   Fort Benning hosts the US Army Maneuver Center (eg, like the movie “War Games” (1983), sort of). 

The “Hulk” gave a rant, and there were a few right-wing personalities, before the usual show of blob bodies, something my father used to watch in the 1950s.
I passed through Fort Benning on a May 2012 trip.  There is an impressive memorial as you enter the post on a main public highway, but most of it is off limits to the public, so I have only a few superficial pictures.  I discovered that Fort Jackson, SC has a Basic Combat Training museum, but it can only be visited during the week with an appointment, worth doing some day.  Fort Gordon, GA (which in 1968 divided basic with Fort Jackson) now has a big NSA center.  I drove onto Fort Bragg once, in 1992.

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