Sunday, December 28, 2014

NBC "Meet the Press" talks about satire in media, and police profiling; Zakaria plans more discussion of brain mapping project and fusion power, today preempted by air crash

Chuck Todd interviewed NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who attributed many of the tensions in the City over the Garner death and then the assassination of two police officers in BedStuy, to labor contracts and politics, and to disparities in wealth in the City, and not to race. Todd showed a brief clipping from the Rodney King beating in 1991 in Los Angeles and summarized the history of that incident. Yet, other panelists admitted having conversations with their kids on how to act around police.  I recall a coworker telling me that back in the 1990s.  And some minority people, regardless of actual biology, simply look “whiter” than others, and that would even include the president.   On the other hand, many “whites” find out, if they do the DNA research, that they have ancestors who were slaves.  With the Latino community, similar ideas occur.  In Texas and California, many “Hispanics” are almost completely European in ancestry. (That idea occurs in my novel.)  Census treats Hispanic as an ethnicity, not as a race.
Then there was a discussion (including Tina Tey) of satire and politics, somewhat inspired by the fiasco over “The Interview”.  The “Washington operator” has become an anti-hero in film.  They got into the Bill Cosby fiasco (to which Don Lemon had recently allocated an hour on “CNN Tonight” and then mentioned that Chris Rock has suggested that audiences not be allowed to have cell phones at his performances, so he can take more risks.  I’ve actually been to a Chris Rock performance once, as a substitute teacher at a high school assembly back in 2007!
On CNN Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square was pre-empted, but his blog entry talks about mapping the human brain, and about fusion as a power source.  He also gives his take on Sony and “The Interview” here 

CNN has been covering the recent plane crash by an AirAsia airbus over the Java Sea, on the way to Singapore;  it seems to have been caused by violent weather near the Equator this December.  Meteorologists report that this December has been the stormiest ever, and might be related to climate change. 

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