Thursday, December 25, 2014

Now, "Days of our Lives" brings a hypothetical gay major league baseball pitcher into the lives of Will and Sonny

The NBC Corday soap “Days of our Lives” has perhaps made itself prescient, by bringing in the story of a gay major league baseball pitcher, Paul Narita (played by Christopher Sean Friel), as covered in “outsports” here, or here in Gay Star News, link. It seems that Sonny (Freddie Smith) dated him in the past, and Paul is trying to get back into Sonny’s life.  In the meantime, Sonny’s husband Will Horton I(Guy Wilson) has apparently returned from LA and is doing a story on Paul’s career.  Will even has eyes for him.  See the love triangle developing.  Paul looks to have mixed background, white, Asian and Latino. 
The script suggests that Paul had the best ERA in the Majors before hurting his shoulder, and that Salem has an MLB team.

In the meantime, racketeers are trying to extort Sonny, who secretly took money out of his joint account without his husband noticing or being told. 

I don’t know if I could go this far into marriage, but I was raised two generations ago.

Sonny looks so much more manly with his chest and arm hair back, but he seems to lose it anytime he has to be in an intimate scene, as part of an unseen ritual.  In the meantime, JJ Deveraux (in the past few months, turning around and becoming one of the soap’s most likable characters) suddenly breaks down and has sex with his arch enemy Eve.  And it seems that JJ (Casey Moss) is suddenly old enough to have some chest hair himself.  Let’s see if he is allowed to keep it.  

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