Saturday, December 13, 2014

"Peter Pan LIVE!" -- does it bring Broadway stage to TV? Never growing up isn't funny now

NBC re-aired its television rendition, “Peter Pan LIVE!” of the live adaption of the 1954 Broadway musical based on the works of J. M. Barrie.  It had been first aired on Dec. 4.  Glenn Weiss is the live television director. 

The colors are garish, and the flora in “Neverland” resembles what you might see on an M-star planet, with lots of use of colors at the blue and violet ends of the spectrum 

Gender bending lets Allison Williams play Peter Pan, waltzing into the upstairs bedrooms of a London flat as the show opens.  It’s hard to tell if she’s a boy at the beginning.  But this is nothing new.  In opera, particular Richard Strauss (“Der Rosenkavalier”) women sometimes played men’s parts.

The comedy toward the end seems rather outlandish given the problems in the world these days.  No, asking a boy if he wants to be a pirate isn’t even funny (if you’ve seen Captain Phillips).
The show is narrated by Minnie Driver, and the music, with several composers, seems collaborative and rather lightweight. 
I think that NBC is trying to offer viewers a chance to experience Broadway without paying $200 for a ticket and dealing with the "logistical" hassle.  But going to the theater in New York is supposed to be fun, right?

NBC’s link is here
“I won’t grow up” does describe how I sometimes felt as a boy.

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