Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Spies of Mississippi" -- PBS documentary supplements "Freedom Summer"

Dawn Porter’s documentary “Spies of Mississippi”, for PBS and German television, will make a nice preview for this Christmas season’s film “Selma”, and complements the film “Freedom Summer” (Movies blog, June 22, 2014).
The heart of the 52-minute film concerns the Mississippi state “Sovereignty Commission” formed in 1956 to maintain segregation.  It would recruit undercover ("Uncle Tom") black “spies”, eventually leading to the murders of civil rights workers Andy Goodman, Michael Schwerner (both white) and James Cheney in 1964.
There had been an attitude that segregation produced “mutual respect”.
The film tells the story also of Clive Kennard, who applied to a white college, and was then railroaded into a phony felony conviction and would spend most of the rest of his life at Parchman Prison.
The official site is here.
The film can be watched in instant play on Netflix, or rented free online on Amazon Prime. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Jackson MS picture. I visited it in 1985.

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