Sunday, January 18, 2015

Bourdain gets cooking lessons on a farm near Lyon, France

Tonight, CNN’s “Parts Unknown” visited Lyon, France, and especially the farm, home and restaurant of Daniel Boulud, who returned to his hometown to learn to cook.  He never even saw processed foods until an adult, which gives a clue as to why the French are healthier than Americans despite rich food,
The dishes include almost raw fish on sauce, and particularly a smoked hare, which almost looks like a cartoon character when served.  There is also a gigantic stuffed pumpkin.  (Kindergarten: “Pumplins are orange”.  On this show, brown.)
The link for the episode is here
They also go on an auto tour in a tiny critoen of the Provence countryside, and the car breaks down.  
They also go on a hunting trip.

The broadcast is fortuitous, given the tragedy and tension France the past two weeks. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Lyon.  Toulouse is as close as I’ve gotten (in 2001), including the space museum. 

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