Monday, January 05, 2015

"CNN Tonight": Don Lemon presents Alan Dershowitz with his vigorous denials

On “CNN Tonight”, Don Lemon interviewed Alan Dershowitz, who explained his denial of the slurs against him in legal action about Virginia Roberts (and even implicating a British prince).

The most recent CNN link where Dershowitz responds to the allegations is here.    It is important that Dershowitz is not named as a defendant but believes the legal papers are libelous and constitute “made up stories” by other lawyers.  He plans to sue the attorneys in several jurisdictions, probably London, New York State and Florida, everywhere papers were filed.  He is confident enough to force the issue even though the statue of limitations has passed and he didn’t have to do anything.

He says he has never heard of a case where lawyers involved in negotiating a previous case were turned around and accused of sexual misconduct with principals in the case just as a publicity stunt.
Gloria Allred and Mike Geragos also appeared on “CNN Tonight” to discuss Dershowitz’s response.
The case shows how in some cases people will make up charges of sexual relations with minors out of thin air.  In 2005, as I have noted before, I wound up stopping substitute teaching after people became aware of a fictitious screenplay that I had posted that appeared to make an elderly male sub resembling me vulnerable to approaches by precocious minors.  In retrospect, it would appear that the “fear” o the principal at the affected high school was that the posting invited the possibility of stories being made up “out of thin air” but being difficult to parry.  I was not willing to accept the “real world” of teachers in social media.  

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