Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CNN's "The O.J. Trial: Drama of the Century"

On Tuesday night, CNN aired “The O.J. Trial”, a retrospect of the trail of O.J. Simpson throughout most if the year 1995, resulting in his acquittal.  The broadcast has also been called “Drama of the Century”.
CNN has a very simple main page for the entire history, including transcripts, here
Much of the broadcast involved interviewing one of the jurors, who believed the defense theory that the police framed OJ.  The jury was sequestered for nine months.  If that happened to me today, that would destroy my online life.  Was the verdict really "about race", like the recent protests against police? 
The documentary also presented some of Kato Kaehlin’s testimony, and also interviewed him now, 20 years older, after he tried to set up a business of fashions for “slackers”. 

The Goldman family was also interviewed. 
I even recall radio talk show host Victoria Jones (“the British Lady”) polling people on OJ.  I had expected a conviction, as I thought of the stuff about Mark Fuhrman as sideshow.  It seemed like the physical evidence was overwhelming.

Toobin thinks that Chris Darden blew the case by asking OJ to try on the glove.  Marcia Clark (the book "Without a Doubt") also appears.

There is also the issue of Simpson's being taped at an exercise studio two weeks before and bragging about "wife beating".
I heard the jury verdict live on a broadcast TV at work in October 1995.
Note: There are notes about TLC’s “My Husband’s Not Gay” on the GLBT blog on Jan. 12;  I did not know about the broadcast in time to see it and review it myself. 

Update: January 24

CNN aired a prequel, "O.J.'s Wild Ride: 20 Years Later", covering the low-speed chase of OJ's Bronco by the LAPD.   I remember watching some of that live.  

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