Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dateline: "Secrets of the Snake River" remakes Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train"

Secrets of the Snake River”, a one hour true life mystery, narrated by Dennis Murphy (who conducts most of the interviews) 'aired on NBC Dateline Friday night, with a double murder plot resembling the Hitchcock 1951 classic “Strangers on a Train” (of which a small excerpt was shown). Station KHQ has a detailed summary here
That is, each husband contracts to murder the other’s wife.      
It starts with the disappearance of Rachel Anderson, in Moscow, Idaho.  Eventually Charles Capone would be convicted of her murder, despite not being able to find a body (Charley Project link)   Anderson had been followed and stalked and gotten threatening disguised calls apparently from her estranged former husband, Capone.  The other partner, David Stone, would be convicted of lesser charges. It seems like a "weapons charge" is very convenient for law enforcement when they can't prove anything else.  I say on a jury convicting someone of a similar weapons charge in Dallas myself in 1982 (even in Texas!)  The "weapons charge" technique has been very useful against Charles Severance in Alexandria, VA (first, Loudoun County) -- that will get on Dateline eventually.        

Wikipedia attribution link for map showing Yellowstone “hot spots” in area over time.  I was last in the area in July 1990. 

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