Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Medical Tourism": Inside Man (literally) Morgan Spurlock sacrifices his bod again for art

Tonight, our “Inside Man” Morgan Spurlock risked his own 43-year-old bod, again, for “Medical Tourism”.  The main link is here
Let’s cut to the chase.  I spent probably $65,000 of “estate money” on dental implants.  I wonder if this could have been done for a lot less than this in Thailand or Panama, even allowing air fare and hotel.  I didn’t want the disruption.  But I guess I could have taken ample laptops with me.  I could have seen the world.
Not only that, but Spurlock thinks that eventually private insurance companies in the US will eventually come around to encouraging it in some circumstances, as with retiree health insurance.
The episode starts as Spurlock visits his own physician to look at a rotator cuff shoulder injury.  He starts getting confusing quotes on what an MRI costs, and wonders what happens when someone doesn’t have insurance.  Soon he looks into the idea of a complete medical checkup at Bumrungrad Hospital im Bangkok, Thailand. 
The hospital is like a luxury hotel, and very efficient, since it depends on self-paying patients. It has a glorious beach view from some suites. Warning:  Bangkok is at low elevation and prone to floods and typhoons. 
In two days, Morgan gets a consultation, various heart tests, and a colonoscopy, where he swallows a camera.  He really becomes “inside man”.  Oh, sorry, just as in an earlier episode (April 22, 2014), Morgan’s chest hair is wiped back into boyhood.
There is one patient, whom the UK National Health system had left quadriplegic, who learns to walk again with very intensive physical therapy. 
The illustration is "BI-Buildings" by Teesal (talk) - self-made. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia.

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