Sunday, January 25, 2015

Morgan Spurlock find that robots let him talk to himself

Morgan Spurlock opened his 2015 winter season (3) of “Inside Man” with “Robots” link ) Saturday night (premiered Thursday, Jan. 22).  He started with a visit to Dennis Hong’s toy, RoMeLa., in Seattle.
Spurlock eventually got to play with his own robots, one of which wrote an autobiographical essay about Morgan in Morgan’s own style (starting with his rearing in West Virginia).  It said that Morgan has spent his life “playing himself”, which is true – he may have more roles as “himself” in IMDB than any other filmmaker.  He then gets to meet a very realistic female robot.  He says that talking to a robot is like talking to himself.  Later his older brother confirms that.

The show also examined the question as to whether artificial intelligence could develop free will and become our enemy, as in some science fiction movies.  I don’t think so.  

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