Friday, January 16, 2015

NBC Dateline's "Deadly Betrayal" shows the dangers of raising foster children

NBC Dateline, on Friday night, in an episode called “Deadly Betrayal”, covered a bizarre case where a foster girl (Sabrina Zunich) murdered her foster mother (Lisa Knoefel) in Lake County, NE of Cleveland, Ohio, and where Sabrina, 18, maintained a romantic relationship with the husband Kevin, who would be prosecuted for arranging the murder.  The Cleveland Plain Dealer has the summary of the story here
The Dateline episode preview follows.

What is remarkable is that Lisa had taken in the foster child out of kindness.  Sabrina wanted to be a member of the family with the two siblings, but originally was believed to be jealous and to believe she was being forced out.  Gradually the story of the relationship with Kevin developed (it was six months before Sabrina mentioned it), and it sounds a little surprising that the jury bought it.  This makes the heterosexual world of family values sound, oh, so dangerous.   
 Picture: Cleveland (mine, Aug., 2012), near Euclid and Public Square  

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