Tuesday, January 27, 2015

PBS: "Edison's Miracle of Light"

Tuesday night, January 27, 2015, PBS American Experience presented “Edison’s Miracle of Light”, a 2-hour biography of inventor Thomas Edison (1847-1931), who probably has more patented inventions than any other person who has ever lived.  The link is here

Edison noticed hearing loss as a boy, which actually helped him focus on work, as he was employed in telegraph offices as a teenager.  He always wanted to “be” an inventor.

The idea of recording sounds (eventually leading to the modern vinyl phonograph record) or images (leading to photography and motion pictures), making sensory experience permanent, was one of his most important concepts. 

But of course the best known part of his biography was his introduction of electricity to lower Manhattan, although his direct current infrastructure would be replaced by alternating current as developed by Westinghouse.

Edison built homes and later factories in northern New Jersey, and married twice, having lost his first wife after childbirth.  

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