Monday, January 26, 2015

"The Tragedy of Broken Trust": paid program on the treatment of Oklahoma native tribes

NBC Washington aired a paid program half hour documentary Sunday January 26, “The Tragedy of Broken Trust”, link here.  
The documentary gave a history of relations between native American nations and the US government throughout US history as an independent nation.  The emphasis was on the Chocktaw and Chickasaw Nations.  There was particular emphasis on Oklahoma, and how it became a state.  
There was a lot of attention on schemes by bureaucrats to rob native American tribes of land or water or mineral resources belonging to them.
In more recent decades, casinos have become a source of income and wealth for some tribal members but everyone.

The visuals in the film focused on Oklahoma, in the Ozarks and Ouchita areas.  The areas looked quite green and even more rugged than I recall from driving through the area when I lived in Dallas (mostly the 1980s). 

Picture: Arbuckles, OK, Nov. 2011 (my trip) 

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