Thursday, February 19, 2015

In "The Slap" macho-man Harry faces legal, and maybe Marxist, consequences

I have to admit that NBC’s “The Slap” is turning out to have a real hook.  Episode 2 seems to be “Harry”, rather than “Anouk” as listed in imdb, and the narrator focuses on Zachary Quinto’s character.
One must say that Quinto is spectacular in this role as the overbearing macho straight dad (Wikipedia describes the well known outing of the actor as gay). His body language and bearing rather remind one of Bradley Cooper (without the additional weight in “American Sniper”).
Harry meets with Hector (Skarsgaard) about how to handle the situation, now that police have questioned Hector first.  They try to go to Gary (Thomas Sadkowski) and Rosie’s working class home to “apologize”.  It doesn’t go well – but having an eight-year old Hugo suckling on Rosie (Melissa George) sets a certain tone.  So Harry really gets arrested this time but the judge seems lukewarm when setting bail.
Harry’s aggressive nature, inbred on old world Greek Culture, comes through constantly.  He tells his son Rocco that “being on a winning team isn’t the same as winning.”  But when Rocco starts to take his own shot in a basketball practice, a fight ensues and Rocco gets kicked off the team.
It’s also said that Hugo was actually swinging at Rocco when Harry slapped Hugo.  I don’t recall that. I remember the whiffle-ball strikeout.   But that builds the obvious defense that Harry is protecting his own son.
Harry complains that the “weak” are always behaving aggressively to expropriate from the “strong” – like him, rich from his luxury car dealerships.  But that sounds like the Fundamental Problem of Karma – the source of “class war” if you believe Marx, and indignation that leads to social instability.  Just check the Twitter feed of “Chess Quotes”. 

Update: March 2

Watched episode 3, "Anouk" (Uma Thurman) is pregnant by musician Jamie (Penn Badgley, from "Gossip Girl"), 13 years younger.  Jamie wants to be a dad and proposes marriage, and she turns him down.  She looks at the idea of abortion.  The drama seems to be moving off track, 

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