Friday, February 13, 2015

Spurlock covers "Dating in the Digital Age" on Inside Man

Thursday night, Morgan Spurlock, CNN’s “Inside Man” explored “Dating in the Digital Age”, link here, right before Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras. 

He visited the offices of a typical dating service website (it seemed to be located in NYC) with maybe 20 technicians in a warehouse-like or loft-like office (maybe Soho).  The programming technology behind dating websites requires a lot of quick skills. 
Then he covered the lost art of buying someone a drink in a bar.  That’s something I never do!
He even interviewed a young man who makes a living as a “dating consultant”, in the Big Apple. 

The overall impression is that it is the real world that matters the most, not how many Facebook friends you have.  

Then Morgan even tried playing the game of matchmaker in the gay scene. 
I’ve seen straight men explore the world of gay dating before,  like the rather breathtaking-looking Nev Schulman on his MTV Catfish series (Jan. 29, 2013).  Of course, for an older man, playing “matchmaker uncle” (helping two men each several decades younger find each other and marry) is the next best thing.  Jealousy doesn’t get it anymore.
The Washington Blade entered the Inside Man world accidentally with its “singles contest” to be held at Town Danceboutique in Washington Saturday night (in the middle of the cold wave), link here
As for Morgan, remember how his movie about Osama ends:  with sharing the intimacy of childbirth with his wife.
Update: Vox Media has a story on dating sites, by Megan Thielberg, here

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