Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will, Sonny and Paul make an equilateral gay love triangle on "Days of our Lives"; actor Freddie Smith's legal troubles after auto accident might affect storyline

Will, Sony, and ex-baseball pitching star Paul have a real love triangle on “Days of our Lives”.
The writers have conjured every possible coincidence to make it go as wrong as possible.  First, Sonny blows their money on his bar, and Victor has to protect his nephew Sonny from the underworld.  Lesson: don’t have joint accounts.  Well, you aren’t married then, are you?  Yes, you could still be parents.  You have a daughter to raise.  Go on. 

Will works hard on the story about the outing of a major league baseball player, whose career ends because of a shoulder injury.  But Paul practically makes Will sleep with him for the story, and Will needs the income.
Paul had been Sonny’s boyfriend in the past, and Will doesn’t know that.  A bellboy comes to Sonny’s bar and tells Sonny that he saw Will with Paul.  Sonny rushes out, and is attacked in a revenge against Victor.
Paul saves Sonny’s life by giving extra pints of O- blood (even with the ban against blood from MSM).  But nobody knows the donor is Paul.  The Paul visits Sonny and pleads to restart the relationship, making Sonny mad.  Stupid.  I’m not in a position in life to be jealous of anyone.
Then Will comes back, with their ring recovered by police and put on Sonny’s hand.  Will tries to pretend he didn’t do anything.  I’ve never heard anyone sound more chilling in saying “You” as Sonny.
The love triangle has two “smooth” men and one hairier, until he gets waxed, which seems to happen before every intimate episode. 

With gay marriage on deck for SCOTUS, you want to see the writers keep Will and Sonny married right how,  Like it or not, the set an example.  Major League Baseball insists it will protect players from sexual orientation discrimination.  Yet Findlaw has questions, here. 

In the mean time, “JJ” (Casey Modd) is perhaps becoming the most likable young character in the show, despite playing around with his enemy Eve.  Yes, he’s sudden discovered his chest hair.

Update: March 8

Sonny did not return home after discharge from the hospital, and went to Phoenix.  It seems as though he is out of the series for a while.

The actor may have taken a hiatus due to legal troubles after an auto accident, here. He is under "community control" for two years in Ohio, whatever that means.  His jail time is suspended pending completion of DUI school.   So this breakdown in the gay marriage may have been constructed to provide a hiatus, rather than have to bring another actor.  

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