Sunday, March 01, 2015

Bill Weir's "Wonder List" starts with a visit to Vanuatu (a kind of Xanadu)

Tonight, Bill Weir started his series “The Wonder List”, which is something more positive than “The Bucket List” (which I have not bothered to see).  This is a series about wonders of the world that may disappear in time because of sustainability issues, or disruptive technologies. It's a bit in the style of Bourdain's "Parts Unknown".  
Weir started the series with a visit to the Polynesian island nation of Vanuatu, northeast of Australia (Wiki).  Visitors can go closer to the crate of an active volcano (Mount Yasur) than on any other place on Earth.
Weir noted the enormous cultural differences between this country and most of the west.  People live in a tribal culture and emphasize simple agricultural, fishing and hunting skills.  Kids do not “need” advanced educations.
Weir called the episode “Is There a Hawaii Without Hotels?”  Well, there’s one, and they’re getting WiFi.  The best link for the episode is here


Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Yasur by Rolf Cosar, under Creative Commons 3.0 Share-Alike. 

Update: March 8

Weir visited the Galapagos Islands, which are more developed than I thought. but tourists have to do without a lot of luxury and are only allowed in certain areas.  This is eco-tourism.  The huge tortoise was a main attraction. 

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