Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Britain's Channel 4 offers "Gay Muslims: UK", documentary look young adults adapting to the religious demands of their culture

 The film “Gay Muslims – UK”, from Channel 4 in Britain, from 2007, is available in six YouTube segments, starting with this one:
The film traces the histories of a number of gay teens and young adults who grew up in Muslim enclaves in London. One young man gets married and has a kid, but his wife finds out from rumor that he goes out with other men and leaves him.  But that would not be uncommon anywhere.  A young woman says she is not invited by her extended family to visit them in Pakistan.
The documentary emphasizes that strict conformity to the details of gender and marital roles is part of Muslim religious identity.  One does not question whether rules are “rational” or fair.  They supposedly were dictated by Allah for the supposed good and future of the entire tribe or community. 

Wikipedia attribution link for picture from London by Aurulien Guichard and Bal Boris, under Creative Commons 2.0 Share Alike license 

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