Sunday, March 15, 2015

CNN and NatGeo have both tackled: "The Gospel of Judas"

CNN’s “Finding Jesus” continued Sunday night with “The Gospel of Judas”.
The series does re-enact the “Judas Kiss” (which ironically is also the title of one of the most important gay male dramas ever made, in 2011).  Both Jesus and Judas are shown as physically striking men, Judas with a very hairy chest.  The actual kiss, to identify Jesus, for 30 pieces of silver, is almost “gay”.  The physical metaphor then sets up the theological and moral debate, something the Bible belt can feast on.
The episode also looks at the 1978 finding of stone texts in Egypt, gradually assembled to be the “The Book of Judas”, or, in fact, “The Gospel of Judas”,  which as a National Geographic film on its own channel in 2006.  Was Judas doing what Jesus wanted him to do, to fulfill Jesus’s need to be crucified so he could rise?  Or was there some “evil”?
Did Judas enter “The Cloud” or was that really Jesus?  The Book also describes a dream where the other disciples are engaging in debauchery (which unfortunately mentions “unnatural relations”).   They are rather like the Israelites making the Golden Calf while Moses gets the Ten Commandments.  Not just Judas, but all the disciples become “fallen angels” (a concept in my own manuscript, “Angel’s Brother”, where there are exactly two).

The Gospel of Judas is seen as attacking the leadership of the new church in the decades following the Resurrection and Ascension.
The Gospel of Matthew is the only source of Judas Iscariot's hanging of himself.  
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