Tuesday, March 17, 2015

CNN: "Spotlight: Charles and Camilla"

On March 13, CNN aired a half-hour documentary, “Spotlight: Charles and Camilla”, about the second marriage each for Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, main link here

The couple married in 2005.  CNN’s Max Foster interviewed Charles at the castle at Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which looks like a place in Middle Earth.
The couple recently toured the US and Camilla was shown visiting a children’s charity near Louisville, KY. 
Camilla does not like to be interviewed on her own.  Charles did give a tribute to his wife from his study during the interview. 
Charles is quite active in environmental causes and has made an environmental special for NBC before (called “Harmony”, Nov. 19, 2010). 
The documentary also recalled the tragic death of Charles’s first wife, Princess Diana, in 1997, which happened the weekend I moved to Minneapolis to start a new job! I remember hearing about it in an elevator. 
Wikipedia attribution link for Iona Abbey in Scotland, picture by John Naisbitt, under Creative Commons 2.0 Share-Alike license. 

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