Thursday, March 12, 2015

"CSI: Cyber" offers Patricia Arquette as a cyber-cop; last night's episode was about "gore porn"

Wednesday night, CBS has started airing “CSI: Cyber”, a series in which Patricia Arquette (from “Boyhood” and some David Lynch films) stars as an FBI agent, Avery Ryan, tracking down cyber crimes.
Episode 2 of Season 1 for this series is titled “CMND Crash”.  In Richmond, a horrific roller coaster crash occurs, just as a young man is proposing marriage before the ride starts.  The process control computer for the roller coaster is completely off the Internet, but it turns out there are “dark web” forums in which process control cards are auctioned and ordered, to support a “gore porn” addiction. 
Avery tracks down the group, and determines that the “club” plans an event on the subway system in Boston.  The conclusion of the episode rather reminds one of “The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3” from the 1970s.  Charley Koontz plays the super-geek at FBI quarters (rather reminding one of Jonah Hill).  Joe Reegan plays the would-be groom who turns out to be a disturbing and improbable villain, somewhat of the McVeigh mold.
There are a number of small companies in the US that make process control boards and that code the corresponding firmware, so this episode could seem disturbing to them. 
I wondered about the idea of making Boston the focus of a fictitious attack, given what happened at the Marathon in 2013, with the trial going on right now.
There was a disturbing thriller by James Goldstone “Rollercoster” back in 1977 from Universal, with Timothy Bottoms and George Segal, about an extortion plot.
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