Friday, March 06, 2015

"In Broad Daylight" covers Hitchcock-plot "hitman" murder of a spouse in Long Beach CA in 2004

The NBC Dateline Report “In Broad Daylight (II)” this evening gave us a truly Hitchcock-like case.  Why not call it “Hitman”?  It’s almost out of Paladin Press.

On Nov. 8. 2004, Lynn Schockner was murdered by knife in her home in the Bixby Knolls area of Long Beach CA while police were outside, summoned by a neighbor.  The immediate killer Nicholas Harvey, a steroid bobybuilder, caught by police.  It became apparent quickly that this was no ordinary residential burglary gone bad, like in a Coen Brothers movie.  Wiretaps and a lot of detective work led to acquaintance and underworld figure Frankie Jaramillo, who was paid $50000 by husband Manfred Schockner to do the deed.  The Long Beach Press Telegram has a summary of the Dateline case here.
A critical point in the investigation involved a restaurant conversation and confrontation between Frankie and Manfred, just like a famous scene with Al Pacino in the 1996 film “Heat”.  It turns out that “Frankie”, of somewhat indeterminate age, has become a “fallen angel” in my novel “Angel’s Brothers” (the code word for the concept is “client”, but I’ll get into all that another time – but the concept seemed to have a counterpart in this particular case; watching this episode really does bring up an issue with my own fiction plot).

The star of the episode seems to be the teenage son, who would now be 24 and apparently works as an architect of theme parks.  
NBC has used the same title (“In Broad Dylight (I)”) for a different episode, about Amber DuBois, here.  That may be reviewed another time. Apparently that title will be a sub-franchise on Dateline. 
Wikipedia attribution link for picture of Long Beach Harbor author “D Ramey Logan WPPilot”, under Creative Commons 3.0 Share Alike license.  I was last there myself in February 2002 (but in LA, nearby, in 2012). 

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