Sunday, March 22, 2015

"James: The Secret Brother of Jesus" continues CNN's "Finding Jesus" and looks at a possible real forgery in an ossuary; also Jesus's original family values

CNN’s “Finding Jesus” series continued tonight with “James: Son of Joseph, The Secret Brother of Jesus”, link.

The primary research concerns an ossuary, or bone box, on display in Toronto in 2002, said to contain the remains of James.  But later the man who sold the box would be prosecuted in Israel for taking archeological items and then be acquitted for forgery.
The ossuary may be the closest evidence we have to the actual historical existence of Jesus.
A few novels have dealt with this matter, not only Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”, but also some of Irving Wallace, especially “The Plot”.
James may have been a younger brother if Mary had biological children by Joseph after Jesus, or he could be a more distant relative.  The show went into some apocryphal gospels, including “The Gospel of Thomas” and “The Gospel of the Hebrews”.  It presented a narrative where Jesus saves James life as a teen after a snake bite.
Jesus’s ministry would have created enormous tension within Jesus’s birth family.  Jesus actually denied the need to maintain tribal loyalty to his origins. 
Later James would come into conflict with Paul over Paul’s ministry to Gentiles, divorcing Christianity from Jewish origins.  The film covers James’s murder, and also restages the funeral of Joseph around 27 AD. 
Wikipedia attribution link for photo of interior of Cathedral of St. James, Jerusalem, author Claudius Prosser, under Creative Commons 2.0 Share-Alike 

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