Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Scorpion", while silly in execution, has a valid premise

Last night, I sampled the CBS series “Scorpion”, developed by Nick Santora.  The premise is that a nerd genius Walter O’Brien (British actor Elyes Gabel) runs a company “Scorpion” to help legitimate democratic governments deal with exotic threats around the world, with contracts set up with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security (which it really does).  It’s easy to imagine what these could be, maybe like an EMP attack in “One Second After”.
The episode Wednesday night, directed by Guy Ferland, was titled “Once Bitten, Twice Die” (Season 1, Episode 18).  The team is present at a difficult negotiation in a former Soviet republic or satellite, unnamed but probably Belarus.  Vladimir Putin is the unnamed threat. The president of the country gets a poisonous snake bite.  The team has to figure out which species and build the right potion to stimulate antibodies to the venom to save the president’s life.  The team is holed up but escapes, and has to steal a Taco truck (something you don’t see good guys do often).  I don’t know if the medicine is real (maybe a “Jack Andraka Test” could identify the venom – a premise for a future episode).  The dialogue among the officials was contrived and silly.  Nevertheless, this sort of stuff goes on.  DHS (and other agencies) actually do send consultants to former Soviet republics to help set up defenses to infrastructure. 
The official site on CBS is here.  

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