Sunday, March 08, 2015

SNL offers Chris Hemsworth, who immediately explores body fascism and re-introduces "Chickenman" from the 60s

Last night, on move-forward for daylight savings time, Australian hunk star Chris Hemsworth hosted Saturday Night Live.
The skits seemed to focus on the quirky silly barracks banter of my days at Fort Eustis.  Maybe somebody on SNL has read my stuff!
Hemsworth started out with irony, bragging that he almost didn’t get parts as an actor because he was too perfect, too blond, too muscular, and the like.  Only on SNL.
Here goes (Disney Channel’s) “Brother 2 Brother”, as a Chris-look-alike (Brooks Wheelan) goes to take a calculus test at Worthington High School.  But the brother isn’t an identical twin (of Chris Hemsworth) as desired.  The teacher notes that "Chris" is smoother and somehow more "desirable."  (She wouldn't like Jai Courtney.)  I love the line, "He doesn't have that."  They could have taken this in the direction of my own screenplay "The Sub". 

Then the next episode features an actual live chicken, right out of the Saturday morning cartoon series of the 1960s, “Chickenman”.  That’s what I was called at Fort Eustis.  “He’s everywhere”.  

Let's not forget the opening skit impersonating Hillary Clinton telling all about her hiding behind personal email, Vox story by Tim Lee here. I have more about this on Wordpress here

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