Sunday, April 19, 2015

ABC 20-20 reairs a case where a mom appears to frame her own daughter for husband's poisoning

Saturday night, ABC 20-20 re-aired (condense) an older case from upstate New York, of Stacey Castor, accused of poisoning two husbands and then trying to frame the grown daughter of the first husband, Michael Wallace, for the second murder, link here (back from 2009). Apparently the original airing was two hours. 
The grandmother actually supports Castor, who to this day denies the act from prison, where she was sentenced to 50 years.
The poisoning death by antifreeze is quite painful. 
The Onondaga County judge in sentencing her said he had never tried a case as appalling as this, with a parent's own adult child being set up. A local paper has a backup story in 2010 here
But Castor today tells David Muir from prison she was denied the opportunity to present exonerating evidence.
Wikipedia attribution link for photo by Crimson Fury, which he says is released to p.d. I believe my most recent visit to the city was way back in 1970.  Second picture is mine (PA). 

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