Thursday, April 02, 2015

Bizarre poisoning case in Pittbsburgh, a "Lethal Weapon" on NBC Dateline

NBC Dateline aired a third straight special mystery, this one called “Lethal Weapon”, about the death of a female physician and medical researcher in Pittsburgh, Autumn Klein.  She had gone to medical school in Boston and met her husband Robert Ferrante, much older, also a medical researcher.  Eventually they took jobs back at the University of Pittsburgh.

One evening, after having one child, she collapsed at home, and died after emergency treatment could not revive her.  Autopsy showed cyanide poisoning, which apparently had been placed in a creatine energy drink.
Her husband would be convicted on what sounded like circumstantial evidence, but he had done Internet searches on cyanide.  His motives seem obscure, other than jealousy.  The perpetrator is 66.

He was convicted and sentenced to life without parole. Story from WPIX in Pittsburgh. 

This story (besides Holmes in Colorado) is the second major criminal story involving a neuroscience student or physician.  

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