Tuesday, April 07, 2015

CNN downplays "rumors" about Mary Magdalene and possible marriage and family by Jesus

The final episode of CNN’s “Finding Jesus” aired Easter Sunday night, “Mary Magadalene”, didn’t exactly ratify Dan Brown’s theory from “The Da Vinci Code” (Books, April 16, 2006).  Instead, it presents her as a probably wealthy older woman who probably supported Jesus with her fishing business.  (You didn’t have ‘free fish” in that economy.)  The link for the episode is here

What’s curious, then, was the introduction of Mary as possessed by demons when Jesus met her.  He would call upon the demons by name to leave.  Mary was almost like one of the female patients at NIH when I was “hospitalized” there in the latter part of 1962.  But she seemed to go on to have a “successful” life. That seems inconsistent with starting out as a prostitute. 
Much of the material comes from the Gospels of Thomas, and then Philip.  Later, a “Gospel of Mary Magdalene”,  the only one by a woman, appears, in the Second Century, but it was probably ghost-written by someone who had contact with her.
There is speculation that Jesus had a marital relationship with Mary Magdalene, and even returned after the Ascension to live a normal life.  But there would be obvious “biological” questions then tracking back to the Virgin Birth.
National Geographic has a documentary on Mary Magdalene, to which I can return later (on YouTube). 

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