Monday, April 27, 2015

"Dick Cavett's Vietnam" on PBS

PBS started a week of history relating to the Vietnam War and transitioning into the 1970s, with an hour retrospect, “Dick Cavett’s Vietnam” (link), which clips from his shows, which show the growing disenchantment with the War in Vietnam. 
Many important moments are shown, such as LBJ’s Gulf of Tonkin announcement.  
The credibility of both Johnson and Nixon erodes, as some of the protests over the bombings under Nixon are covered.
I might have heard a little of this late at night when I started working in 1970 (after the Army) and was living in New Jersey.
The program is a companion to “The Draft”, reviewed on the movies blog.

Today, of course, major networks in the Washington and Baltimore areas have covered the situation in Baltimore live.  More on that in future posts.  On CNN, all major shows were canceled or postponed, including a special history of ISIS, originally to be aired at 9 PM.  

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